Tap Into Your Personal Power And Unleash Unlimited Creativity, Passion, Purpose And Abundance

Imagine what it would be like if RIGHT NOW you could shift the business of living from tiring to effortless in every area ….If you run your own business, a career, a family, a household, a life, you know how tough it can be to be all things to all people and trial and error can be discouraging at best and destructive at worst!

Imagine what it would be like if RIGHT NOW you bounced out of bed thrilled to live in the skin you’re in, loving your family, your partner and welcoming the challenges with open arms! This is not just a pipe dream, it’s within your reach and you’re just one step away from ease and flow!

Imagine what it would be like if RIGHT NOW you felt completely ‘on purpose’, fulfilled and on fire! You had clarity, direction and unshakable confidence to make a massive success following your hearts deepest desires!

Are you reading this thinking …"Yeah Right…… Is this a sales pitch?"

Well….You’re in for the SURPRISE of your life! 

Until you discover the secrets of Effortless Living, you’ll always wonder what you’re missing because deep down, you know that THERE IS MORE TO LIFE than this uphill grind…… And I plan to show you that you’re right!

Gain your own profound and empowering access to an Effortless YOU and dive deep into the answers you’ve been searching for that will bring you bliss, brilliance and a boundless source of energy and enthusiasm!

Wouldn’t that be cool?

It’s time to UNPLUG from the life you’re used to living, in every context…

Love, Family, Health, Purpose, Money, Personal Development and Self Acceptance.

It’s time to PLUG-IN to what it means to be the Master of your Life!

Here’s Why Effortlessness Is Important To All of Us

It’s Time To LOVE The Skin You’re In!

The Ego says "Once everything falls into place I'll find peace."

Spirit says "Find your peace, then everything will fall into place."

Marianne Williamson

"I just want to say the biggest thank you to you Carren. The work we’ve done  has changed my life forever. I was wounded before, and now I feel totally free. I can’t wait to see what this new ‘awesome’ will bring me”
Lucy Devenish

“There have been tough times over the years and as much as I’ve tried to just ‘get on with the job’ these tough times kept haunting me. Thanks to Carren and this work we’ve done together, I can finally say that I feel free for the first time in 20 years! Life, love, fun and adventure…. Bring it on!”
Stephen Barter

“I’m so grateful for Carren and her work! I’ve found myself, my passion and my path and I feel like the world is opening up for me now that I see it through the eyes of so much clarity! You’re the best Carren!”
Sam Parker

“You’ve unleashed the powerhouse inside, that I always knew was there, but didn’t know how to find. By far, this is the most life changing work I’ve ever experience and EVERY HUMAN BEING needs to do this with Carren. It’s time the world knew who they are and what they can create!”
Janah James


Follow your hearts deepest desires, align your thoughts, emotions and actions with your vision and bask in the Effortlessness of an accelerated experience! Attract the resources, support and strategy you need to bring your grandest dreams to life with the enthusiasm that only Effortlessness brings! (Doesn’t this just sound like heaven??)

Trade second-guessing, self doubt and ‘I’m not good enough’ for clarity, certainty, freedom, experimentation and exciting experiences. When you KNOW YOUR OWN MIND, you stand on solid ground with your decisions, choices and results. There is no better way to extract the juice of life than through  self-assurance and self-actualisation!



It’s been said that “when we don’t pay attention, we will pay with pain” and it’s time to learn how to turn inward to hear the whispers and screams of the body, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and subconsciously.

This is the only body you have and to wish it looked or felt different is part of a great marketing illusion. Dive deep into Mastering your Inner World as you access self healing, self presence and connection to your highest Source! Your most empowered relationship with your Self is one click away!


Learn the true meaning of love free from boundaries, expectations, rules and regulations, not just for you, but everyone in your world. Unplug from the love that leaves you hurt, bewildered, confused and frustrated as you step powerfully into alignment with who you Effortlessly are and enjoy intimate relationships that are inspired by connection, curiosity, confidence and playfulness. Doesn’t this sound so much more Effortless than the game of love you’re used to playing?

Love can last forever. It’s the very stuff we’re made from, that’s why it hurts so much when someone leaves or passes away!! Let's hook you up with a new comprehension and experience of love that will open your heart and cut you free from the chains that have bound you to the past! It’s time, and you’re ready for what is REAL!


Let me ask you question:

If you had a relationship with a human being that was the same as the relationship you have with money, would they hang around for long?

Most are needy, grabbing, desperate, always wanting more, never satisfied, freaked out and never experiencing ‘enough’……

Our sessions together will help you develop a new relationship with money that takes the ‘heat’ out of abundance and brings enthusiasm and energy to the pursuit of ‘plenty’! You deserve to invest your energy into positive, powerful and prosperous thinking, which means it’s time to let go of your beliefs about money and your inability to attract it like a magnet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be attending a one on one session with Carren or someone on her team?
Your session will be with Carren Smith personally! You will be in super safe hands as Carren works with you toward unlocking your barriers and blocks!
I live interstate, can we do our session online?
You bet! You can connect with Carren with an individual link that will be emailed to you. We use a fantastic system called Zoom.us and the call will be recorded as well at your request.
How much is my one on one session?
 Each session is 90 minutes. The fee is $575.00 with a 20% non-refundable deposit. When you click on any buttons on this page, you will schedule your appointment first then her team will be in touch to arrange the deposit payment. 
I would like to see Carren face to face. Is this possible?
Absolutely! Her practice is on Parker Street, Maroochydore and all the details for your session will be co-ordinated at the time of booking!
Can I bring my partner?
If you're booking is related to couples counselling, Carren will suggest both individual and coupled sessions to get the most powerful result. The order of these sessions will be advised at the time of booking.
I've been struggling for a long time, how many sessions will I need?
Using the counselling techniques that Carren offers, most clients find their relief or transformation occurs much faster than with a traditional therapist. Carren will advise what is best at the first session.







“We've done alot of work together and as a result our home, hearts and happiness have transformed. Everyone on the planet needs to know this work to truely know themselves and  what matters. It's time for all of us!”
Rob & Meg Anderson

“This work takes you to places you'd never expect and while sometimes it creates more questions than answers, you're always in the safest hands.”
Monica Parker

“I'm so glad that Carren is bringing such a transformational experience to so many! Get ready because your world is about to become bigger and better than you ever imagined!”
Cyndi O'meara


What if I can’t make the date?
You are welcome to reschedule and we request you provide us with a minimum of 48 hours notice. 


Can I bring my kids to the session?

Our practice facilities are not child friendly so we recommend making alternative arrangements where necessary
Do I need to bring anything with me?
It is possible. Carren will advise at the time of booking if she is to engage one of the counselling strategies of behavioural tasking. 



Is this The Effortless Self – Unplugged only for women?
We welcome both men and women to our events!
Secure your 90 minute session with Carren here for $575.00



  • A life of truth, ease, freedom and abundance  - and rid yourself of labels, misguided beliefs and habits.
  • What it means to build your future, your career, success, love, laughter and bliss through effortless practices – and how to break down walls of negativity and self-sabotage
  • Challenge everything you 'know' about yourself to discover a fresh perspective and new possibility
  • Find true balance in your life through joy, confidence and empowerment
  • How to launch a path of creativity and self-expression in your own life
  • How to take back the reigns from depression, anxiety, emotional eating, self sabotage, grief, guilt, blame or shame

The answers you’re looking for are just one click away

NOW is the Time to Effortlessly Re-Program your Life and Experience the Success and Results you’ve been Thirsting For!

Best Selling author, Counsellor, International Speaker, Mindset Mentor, Founder of The Effortless Self and Life Results Coach, Carren Smith, rose from the ashes of the 2002 Bali Bombing, which preceded the suicide of her partner just 12 months earlier. Inspired after six years of suicidal depression and Carren ferociously sought out the training and psychology she needed to stand beside and support others who were suffering!

Now as Australia’s most sought therapist and life coach, she shares this message of Effortlessness with thousands of Truth Seekers around the globe each year!

Carren's one on one session, her group events, retreats and online programs have created raving fans lining up to be a part of what she refers to as the ‘Ashram of Bliss’. 

Using modern counselling strategies including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Values and Motivation Therapy, Couples Therapy, Time Line Therapy, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology. 

The unique twist that creates accelerated and lasting change occurs when Carren draws on her extensive studies of Metaphysical counselling strategies diving deep into Oneness, conscious reality, perception, Ultimate Truth and Universal laws. 


If you are ready to discover:

Frequently Asked Questions

Now it’s YOUR Turn to Realise the Greatest Freedom is Achieved Through Alignment Back to the Truth of

Who You Are and... Who You Are NOT!

Your empowered journey starts here!SECURE YOUR 90 MINUTE SESSION HERE $575.00